Sunday, August 23, 2020

It’s Not Hot!

It’s Sunday night and I am remembering to post!

These are from last Saturday.  We don't have the best house for leg injuries.  Way too many steps.  Eli was sweet.  He kept carrying Ariel's crutches for her.  
Ariel just had to go see Sydney.  
I left her there and took the twins to the Longport playground.  It was cloudy and cool out.  The first not hot and not sunny day all Summer!
The boys had so much fun.  They met a bunch of kids and played hide and seek.

Amy thinks they look innocent here.  
I saw these.  Can I grab one for Ariel?
They didn't want to leave!
Finally back to see the girls making TikToks.  

Noah swam back and forth across the pool!
Eli doesn't want to wear the swimmies so he stays on the step.  
This is from the owner of one of the best restaurants in the area.  I'm surprised her staff is having a hard time with the public.  
Here comes the rain!
Nice and dry on the deck.

Ariel hung with Sydney's family.  

We took the twins to the Dairy Bar in their pajamas.  
We are lucky the kids don't give us problems with the masks.  

I went to get Ariel later and she was playing with slime.  

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