Monday, August 31, 2020

How Much Pizza Can You Eat?

It's Monday night.  I totally slashed my thumb trying to cut weeds tonight.  I didn't go to the hospital but I'm still debating it.  Wow that hurt.  I cooked some mean bbq chicken though through the pain!

Back to last Sunday.  I went for an early morning run with Melissa.  It was so humid you could barely breathe but I still made it about 2 miles.  

Then I went with Aden to work out with Remy.  Aden really takes that boxing seriously.  
Hanging out.  

Eli hiding from Honey.
More hanging out.  

We got Mack and Manco's delivered.  I gorged on yummy pizza.  

Put the kid to work.  
Melissa and Mark went home.  We went to the pool.  

See if you can spot the giant spider.  
See the dog across the way stalking rabbits?  

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