Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Puppy Dog Jax

It's Tuesday night.  We survived Hurricane Isaias.  We actually got a pretty direct hit.  It went ashore in North Carolina and went straight up over the Philly area.  We had several hours of strong rain and wind.  We didn't lost power but all around us they did.  Melissa had to come here to do work.  There were trees down everywhere and it was a pretty big mess out there.  More on that later.  Back to last Sunday.  Ariel slept at Ashleys so I took over her comfy bed.  
Speaking of Ashley and Ariel, they had a productive morning!
We all went to my friend Jaime's to swim.  It had been a while since we saw them.  
Ariel was the most excited to meet puppy Jax.  These are the last people I ever expected to get a dog but they seem to be in love!
Playful puppy.

We brought him a toy.  
There's my bathing beauty.  
Pool time!
Even the puppy wanted to swim.  

Ariel has to do cheer wherever she is!  
Good job!

They had sprinklers on the trampoline.  Blew Eli's mind!  His 2 favorite things combined!
Jared made us snow cones.  
Back in the pool.

Ariel was not letting that puppy go.  

Back home for some rainbow fun.  
Eli wins the award for the wettest child.  

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