Friday, August 28, 2020

Finally the NAC Pool

It’s Friday again!  Amy and I got out for a dinner last night. We did that all the time before March but not as much since. We really need that time away from the kids for our mental health!

These are from last Wednesday and Thursday.  

Someone has taken over our shore house.  
Aden is her new buddy.  

Rachel came over and did a little cheer with Ariel and Giuliana.  
Then we headed to the NAC pool for the first time all year and it's the end of August.  Crazy.  

It was quiet.  
Eli had been talking about this big bucket endlessly.  It doesn't appear to dump anymore!

Noah was swimming all over on his back!
Eli always loves this gun.  

We had lots of fun snacks.  
Yes, that's your bucket.  He wants to build one in our backyard.  
A quick trip to the playground.  

Go Ariel!
Eli finally got up the courage to run through the splash area.  He did it over and over.  

Eli did not want to leave!
Back to the lava lamp.  
Thursday night Ariel had cheer.  She overdid it a bit and her foot hurt the rest of the night.  
That didn't stop her from playing outside.

Have a great weekend!

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