Monday, August 3, 2020

The New Pool

It's Monday night.  I forgot to post today.  Ariel started cheer again tonight.  She's excited.  Hopefully they will be able to do it!  

Last Saturday, we were not at the shore.  I took the 3 little ones to Tyler Park in the morning.  
There was a new swingset to explore.  

Ariel did some TikToks in her cheer/dance outfit.  

We took a walk along the Neshaminy Creek.  
We saw lots of turtles.  

That afternoon, we went to check out Lori and Bill's new pool.  They rented the last 2 years in Margate but decided on a pool this year instead.  That was good planning!  It came out great.  

It was a hot day!
The kids all loved the pool.  

Some underwater shots.  Here's Ashley.  
And our mermaid Ariel!

Now she's flying!

Bill smoked ribs all day.  We were the first ones to get food off his new new smoker.  They were awesome!
The boys were crazy all day as usual.  

Comfy Noah?

Of course we lit off some fireworks.  The house are close together so there were a lot of barking dogs!
Ariel decided to sleep over so I took Amy and the other kids home then went back with her stuff.  
We got in some late night pool time!

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