Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Salter-Harris Fracture Type 1

It's Tuesday night.  We made a fire tonight and had smores.  We haven't done that in a while.  These are from last Monday.  We woke up to this going on!
Watch out!
After camp, Madi joined the fun.  

While we were making volcanoes explode, Amy took Ariel to the emergency room at St. Mary's because she said her foot hurt and she couldn't put any weight on it. 
Our poor baby!
She got seen quickly and went in for an xray.  
Getting wrapped up.  
The initial diagnosis was confirmed with 2 different doctors the next couple of days.  A Salter-Harris fracture type 1, which means a tiny fracture at the base of the leg in the growth plate.  Possibly also a sprain.  Thankfully, these are supposed to heal quickly in little kids.  
They gave her a boot and sent her home.  She's supposed to wear the boot for 3 weeks then have another x-ray.  They gave her crutches but she only has to use them if her foot hurts.  
Eva and Gwen ran out to get her something to make her feel better.  
Ariel stopped by to see her cousins and favorite dog.  
Meanwhile, I took the twins to Jason's birthday party down the block.  Eli stayed up high because Carly the dog was running around.  
Pool time!
All the big kids.  
Noah did great swimming.  This was one of his breakthrough days.  He just swam back and forth across the pool!

Our poor girl is finally back home!
Will 2020 ever end?

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