Monday, August 24, 2020

The Tile is Done!

These are from last Sunday.  It was a rainy day!  The first one all summer.  The kids were crazy.  It was not the best day.  
Presenting King Eli.  
I worked on cleaning the grill for hours!  Still waiting for the part to fix it.  
Rainy day.  
Ricky came to put the hood back up.  
We worked hard to keep the boys busy.  

All done.  Looking great!

Ariel spent the day with Sydney.  They tie dyed some t shirts.  
Eva and Gwen are here!

Back to the playground.  

Oh no!  It started raining pretty hard!
We decided to stay over.  
We had Japanese for dinner.
Ariel loves her new crop top.  Oy vey.  
Bedtime stories.  
Goodnight girls!

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