Monday, August 17, 2020

Not So Baby Cousin Wesley

Here's a little back to school humor.
It's Monday night.  I was at Ariel's 2 hour long cheer practice and felt every minute of that 2 hours.  And there were a lot of bugs and it rained.  She's a trooper though doing all she can with that boot.  Back to last Sunday.  Even though Ariel was up past midnight playing with Eva, she wanted to go with her and her grandad to see the sunrise at 5:30.  
She woke me up at 5 to help her get ready and I couldn't fall back asleep!
So I took my car to a local supercharger.  I may have mentioned I forgot my charging cable.  I was down to 60 miles range so I needed a long charge.  I was going to bring the twins with me but they were snoring when I left.  
I brought back Junior's doughnuts!
Always a crowd favorite.
We went over to the Ventnor playground to meet my cousin Rebecca and her two little boys.  It was our first time meeting Wesley who is about 8 months old!

Israel is so big!  Just turned 2.  
Wesley was adorable!

Ariel the monkey.  
It was hot in the sun.  We found what shade we could.  

We headed back to my aunt's house for a little to see more cousins.  
Too cute!
I saw this walking to my parent's.  That poor car.  
Pool time!
Noah is doing really well swimming all the sudden!
Cousin Genny came over to swim.  

We drove home late that night.  I think we got back around 10.  The kids were so tired!

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