Sunday, September 7, 2014

Go Mercury!!!

It's Sunday night and I'm exhausted.  It was our first post Shore weekend and we kept busy to keep our minds off all the people, including out parents, that went back this weekend.  They really had two nice beach days.  I'm sad.  I did have fun though at the Eagles game today.  Well at least the second half!  

Back to last week.  Wednesday night the kids played outside.

 These are some cool shots I got with the new camera and probably wouldn't have been able to get with the iPhone.

 Thursday morning we all we back to Aden's school.  
 Then I dropped off Ariel.
That night Aden had his first soccer practice of the season.
 It was super hot and humid.
 My soccer star!

 Aden and his buddies Jack and Jake.
 Ariel didn't bother every too much!

 As long I see a smile I know it's all worth it.
 Winston grabbed Ariel.

 Go Mercury!!!

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