Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Soccer Saturday

What a beautiful day for soccer if not actually a bit hot.

 Aden and Jack.

 Let's play!

 Pep talk.
 Aden was in on the action a lot.  He tends to stay back on defense and blocked a lot of shots.  He keeps wondering though why he's not scoring.  Might help to leave your own net!

 Doing great Aden!
 Getting a little physical!
 Future cheerleader!
 That night we had dinner with Sammy and Jaxson at Tony's.  We let them bring their parents.
 Of course the kids couldn't sit and had to run around outside.

 Happy Birthday Chad!

 Ariel kept falling.  Look at her knees.  She fell after this picture and got worse cuts.  Think we need to stick to long pants!
 Selfie with the guys.

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