Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Love That Zoom Lens

Well the first day of school was very successful.  First, I dropped off Aden with the neighbors and took Ariel to Breezy Point.  Every other kid was crying and screaming.  Mrs. Maria asked how her weekend was and she said great, went to beach and pool.  I thought the crying might get catchy but she never did!  I went back and walked Aden to school with all the neighbors.  It was so nice the parents are invited the first week.  Aden's teacher was super sweet and the kids had fun running around before school.  I will get to the pics soon.

Back to Saturday morning.  There are dogs and kids on my bed!

Then it was time for Juniors.  We headed out too late to avoid a line but I needed my fix.
 Emily found a puppy!
 Yum.  It's going to be a long winter.
 It wasn't the nicest weather but we headed to the beach anyway.
 Someone dug a huge hole!  I've said it before and will say it again.  Kids love holes.

 That's some game going on!
 My little man.

 Hey Eva!

 Eva loves her books.
 Let's find crabs!

 These were all taken with a telephoto lens.  I love the effect.
 Hey Hara and Scott!

 We had to leave the beach because we had visitors coming...

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