Thursday, September 18, 2014


It's Thursday night.  Who is headed over to the Apple Store to camp out for the new phones tomorrow?  I actually have a friend who asked me to do just that.  I think I will pass.

Back to Florida.  Sunday morning we went to meet our friend Lisa, who we see every time we are down.  We went to the wrong park, oops.
 Sorry Aden, we have to leave.
 That's more like it.  This is the new playground in Lisa and my cousin Debbie's neighborhood in Boca Raton.  
 Lisa's son was at Hebrew School so my kids played with Chloe.

 This is all brand new stuff.

 I just realized I haven't mentioned yet that we are having a baby!  Did I say baby?  I meant babies!  I'm sure anyone reading this knows by now but I will recap.  We are having twins in March!  We are just getting over the shock and starting to plan for the future.  Amy is in the second trimester and feeling good.  Now that it's out in the open, I will give many more baby updates!  No, we don't know the sexes yet.  I promise you guys will be the first to know.  Oh yeah, Lisa is also pregnant and due soon!
 We then went to brunch at Sandy and Steve's house (the grandparents of Ashley that Bat Mitzvah girl).  
 They are from Philly but have been in Florida for years.  It was so nice to see Lucy and the Margate Bridge!
 Aden was so happy that he had Ashley's attention.  
 There's nothing like a Florida backyard.  
 I grew up with Alex's father.  They live in Florida now.

 Poor Ashley was the princess last night and today just the lowly babysitter.
 Your move Aden!
 Hey baby!
We love Erika and Mike.  I wish we could see them more often.  You might remember they came to Philly last Summer and we had dinner at Buddakan. 
 Oh sure, let Ashley play with your hair.  Amy and I aren't allowed to touch it.
 That afternoon, we gave up trying to get the kids to rest so we went to the pool.

 Sad to think this will be the last time we are in an outside pool for quite  a while.  
 We headed out to dinner to meet our cousins.
 Look at what they brought for Ariel!
 Cousin Amy was great with the kids.

I had a lot of trouble handling the twin dolls.  We are in big trouble!

 It was awesome to see Debbie, Jack, Amy and Ken.  It's been way too long.
 Ok, enough fooling around!

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