Monday, September 1, 2014

Visiting Schools

Well it's Monday night and I'm excited but sad.  Sad that the Shore season is over.  (We got back a few hours ago, with a really full car)  But excited for the fun adventures our kids will face in the upcoming year.  Here are the leftover pictures from last week.

We made it to the NAC pool for the like the 3rd time all year.  

 Cool shot.

 Eva came too!

 She really wants to walk.
 These next few are really sweet.

 Just hanging on the swings with my cousin.

 I'm happy they are hugging and doing the same thing.  Not so happy that same thing is tv.
 Aden and Jake at camp.

 Like I said, Aden only lasted three of five days.
 Lots of playing out back that week.
 Thursday stayed with Benjamin most of the day.
 Ariel's Breezy Point visitation.
 She's in the Cottage now.
 We ran into her camp counselor, Ms. Michelle.  She really wants her to be her teacher but she isn't.  Also, her entire class from last year does have Michelle because they are older than Ariel.  I'm so sad.  It will be all new kids.
 Then it was time for Aden's big first grade orientation at Holland Elementary.  He was excited to meet Mrs. Gainsley and his fellow classmates.  I still don't think he gets it and is expecting to go back to Breezy Point.  
 That's his friend Finn all the way from the Caterpillars with Mrs. Mette next to him.
 Right to work!
They signed their names.
 I guess Aden and Benjy will walk together.
 They want back into the hall and found their friends in the other class.
 Going to be an exciting year!  So of course after this picture was taken, the boys started running around and wrestling as the principal walked down the hall.
Friday the kids wanted to visit mommy at her school.
 Trying out mommy's chair.
 We had a nice lunch with Amy's co-teacher and his family, then the kids wandered the halls!

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