Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Just a Small Announcement (or Two)

Well we finally made it official, it's on Facebook!  I posted it this afternoon and we have about 245 likes and 70 comments at this time.  Many people already knew but it's fun to see the reactions to those that didn't.  Most are like "no way!"  
Saturday afternoon was soccer game #2.  Whose idea was it to make them at 12:45?  When are we supposed to eat lunch?  When is Ariel supposed to nap?  Speaking of Ariel, she was excited to see grandmom and aunt Judy.
 Practice first.
 My new camera does great with action shots.

 Carly came too!  She scared Ariel for a second.
 I think my dad wants another dog.

 Kick that ball in Aden!

 These were all taken from the sidelines pretty far away.

 This is my favorite shot.
 Lilly and Ariel.
 Good game.

 Aden with his buddy Jake.
 Ariel let's Lilly carry her everywhere.
 Finn joined them too.
 Ariel got stung by a bee on her face!  She took it like a man and thankfully had no reaction.  It was her first sting as far as we know.
 Saturday night we had Ina's surprise birthday party at their friend's house in Hatfield.  Nice place.
 The basement was extra fun!
 Saw this in the garage.  Everyone keeps teasing me that I'm going to have to trade in the Porsche for a minivan.  Not happening.  Amy's car has three rows and we can always take 2 cars to go somewhere.  We had a minivan in Florida last week and it was convenient but it's just not me.
 The party host was a pilot and they theme was travel.
 Ina was surprised!

 Happy Birthday!!!
 Such a fun couple!

 The 2 of us (and babies) had a great time!

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