Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Service

We just came from back to school night.  This whole first grade thing is really quite an operation.  I'm amazed at what they do and with the kids.  My head was spinning.  Mrs. Gainsley says that Aden tells her he loves her everyday!  So sweet.  More on all that later.

Back to Saturday morning.  Ariel wanted pink nails to match her new pretty dress.
 We went to Kol Tikvah in Parkland for Ashely's Bat Mitzvah.  You have seen Ashley before on all our trips to Florida.  She's our friend's daughter and the one dancing with Aden in the video to the right.  We were excited for Ashley's big day.
 It was a beautiful service but quite long.  The rabbi promised it would be an hour.  It ended up being closer to 2 1/2!
The kids hung in there for the most.  We had to let them squirm around the floor a little.
Ashley and her partner did a fabulous job.  
Then it was time for the extended Oneg Shabbat. (a light lunch)

 Ariel tried hard to get Maya to play with her.
 I know these are all the same but I couldn't decide which to put up so here's all three.
 Grandmom Clarisse picked up this outfit on Margate last week.

 Being Florida, all the sudden there was a huge downpour.  
 Even this frog had to get out of it!
Ashely has always been great with the kids.

 We headed back to the house and rested all afternoon.  No one wanted to do anything.  We got dressed up again and headed to the Marriott Heron Bay in Coral Springs for the party.
 The theme was the opening night of Ashley's show.  She's a great actress and singer.

 My girls.

 My handsome boy.
 Ashely had over 80 friends there!

 Stay tuned for the party!

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