Monday, September 15, 2014

How Much Is That Ice Cream?

Back to Friday afternoon in the pool.  Aden wanted me to take some shots of him jumping into the pool.

Look by the hose and you will see a lizard.  They were everywhere. Every time Aden saw one, he would jump out and try and chase it.
Just to prove I was there.  

We had the pool pretty much to ourselves.
That's the life.
We had dinner at our favorite Cuban place.  Amy likes to eat the local food when we are down there.
Contemplating his arroz con pollo.
Driving through Boca Raton we first saw one side of the rainbow.
Then the other!  
Our favorite place to hang, Mizner Park.
Wow, they are both looking!
We did a little shopping at Janie and Jack.  Ariel made a friend.  This girl wasn't 2 yet and bigger than Ariel!

Like a kid in a candy shop.
Our old buddies Leslie and Keith met us there.  The last time we saw them, Leslie had a huge belly.  We finally got to meet baby Henry.  So cute!
He turned 1 in May.

Sloan's Ice Cream is one fancy place.  Three small ice creams cost me $20!
Kids know how to dress in Boca.
I try not to use a flash but it was really dark.  I think Ariel's face is still full of her ice cream.
There was a cooking school going on there.
I used to work with Leslie in Philly.  They moved to Florida about 4 years ago but luckily right to the area that we normally go to so we have seen the pretty regularly.  But now sadly they are moving to Tampa and I don't know when we will see them again.

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