Sunday, December 11, 2016

Gwen Ella

It's Sunday night and we are thrilled to announce the arrival of our beautiful niece Gwen!  She was almost a week late and came on the 9th of December at 9 am weighing 9 pounds!  Mark says that's his new lucky number!  Amy spent the night with Melissa and Mark Thursday night at the hospital and they tried their best get her out but it took till Friday morning.  Melissa had a tough time but did a great job!  Amy didn't get back till 11, which meant I needed to get all 4 kids up and ready.  Poor Noah loves to sit on Amy's lap when he drinks his milk.  When he saw Amy wasn't on the bed, he flipped.  He ran from room to room screaming mommy!  Poor thing.  It took a while to calm him down.  I got the older ones off to school, fed the babies and got them in for their naps.  By the time Amy returned, they were waking up and Amy needed to sleep so I took them to work and lunch to give her some peace!  Child birth is all about team work!  But back to Gwen!
This was right after she was born.  Look at Mark's smile!
Mark took these pics.
SO sweet!
I got to visit later in the day.  I'm in love already!
Dark straight hair!  The opposite of Eva. 

Eva got to meet her sister!
The next day Amy got some quality time with Gwen.  She was excited to tell us that fed her and changed a poopie diaper!
Saturday night we got a sitter and went back to the hospital.  
It was my turn to feed her!  
She's a great eater and burper!
This was Sunday, all dressed in pink and ready to head home!

There's the happy mom!
Here's Gwen chilling out at home with big cousin Aden.  We now have 3 boys and 3 girls!
Back to last Sunday.  Playing in the tent.  

Grooving to Doc McStuffins.  

Loves her new snow gear.
 Amy took Ariel to a birthday party and took 2 shots.

I took Aden and the twins to the neighbor's house to celebrate Aden's friend Jason getting his Junior Blackbelt.

 They twins loved being around the big boys.
 Eli ran up and said fish!
 They made themselves at home around the house.

 Even though it was pretty cold, the boys headed outside.  

 Noah and Eli were pretty good at football.

 Then they left and walked by themselves up to the school.  
 Luckily I caught up with them.  Eli even held my hand.
 Ok, I'm going to sleep.  

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