Monday, December 5, 2016

Yummy Marshmallows

Howdy.  We are still waiting for our new baby niece.  Ariel is excited to have another baby to take care of.  Speaking of Ariel, back to the day of her party.  Of course she couldn't wait to open her presents.  
 Aden couldn't care less.
 These were the chocolate covered marshmallows Amy got for the party.  We are still eating them.
 The boys just go to the basement themselves and play.
 Balloons give endless entertainment.  

 Ariel is scared of the scarecrow they made at her school.
 Someone loves school.
 Brady is wearing the Lego necklace that we gave the boys at Ariel's party.
 Eli will talk to anyone, like Ariel.
 It's hard to get a picture with the twins and Nate.  They move so quickly.

 The blond one holds on to my legs and says "Mommy!"

 Horsie ride.

 Noah always goes for the Elmo drum.
 Marilyn loved this picture and took it for her website!

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