Friday, December 30, 2016


It's way too late Thursday night, actually Friday morning.  Been having some issues with the babies and sleep and I have still have so much to do.  It's a lot of work helping the elves with their mischief.  

Last week we had out work Polyanna.
 They way we play, you can steal from someone rather than open a new present once your number is called.  I had a bout 10 different things before I ended up with this...
 Car shopping with 2 toddlers.  Fun!

 They had a kiddie area but that didn't contain them.

 I put them in a car.  That kept them busy.

 Until the tantrum.
 Noah joined him.
 But just to be silly.
 I didn't get a good picture but we drove past the Wawa Dairy production facilities.  I showed the twins where all their milk comes from!

 Hey Gwen!
 Ariel got to play with her favorite cousin for a bit.

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