Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ariel Really is Five

It's Tuesday night.  What a miserable, rainy cold day.   Let's look at baby pictures and cheer up!
 The post birthday mess.
 Bathing beauties.

 The twins love this big dog.
 Good big sister.  Helping with brushing.

 This was Ariel's actual birthday!
 First some work.
 Then the fun!

 They had a little party for Ariel and Ashley.  
Ashley's mom made yummy cupcakes.
That night everyone was coming over to celebrate.
 Then the power went out!  These pictures were taken in the dark.
 The twins actually loved it.  They ran around in the dark.

 Melissa was nice enough to offer to move the party to her house.
 More presents to open.
 We ate and had dessert.
 Then it was cake time!

 Ariel was so excited.
 Good night!

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