Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pretzels and Peanut Butter

It's Wednesday night.  For the second time since Monday, Amy had things to do and left me alone with the kids at night.  No worries.  I'm super dad!  Back to last week.

I love when the twins sit at the counter like big kids!
 Dipping their pretzel sticks into peanut butter.
 Always looking for more.

This happens every time they go up the stairs.

Party in the shower.
 Cool shot.

 The twins love the Barbies as much as Ariel.

 Where are you going now Eli?
 Uh what?  Why can't I convince Amy to move to Florida?
 Another flashback!
 Ariel and Chloe.

 Not sure why they were walking behind the sofa.

 Back up the stairs.  Knock off the painting!
 Fresh hot bread for Aden.  I make them weekly.
 Want to help Aden with his math homework? I think we figured out number 10 after a lot of thinking!

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