Sunday, December 4, 2016

Ariel's 5th Birthday Party

It's Sunday night and we just finished cleaning up from having friends over for dinner.  I was just saying to Amy that maybe it would be easier to just do nothing.  It's really hard to go out and so much work to stay home.  We had a nice weekend.  We even got outside to play a little.  

Back to Ariel's birthday party.  Last Sunday was the big day.  The twins were so excited they went a little crazy in the bathroom.
 We did a party with Ariel's friend Ashley at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Levittown.  We had about 25 kids from their class.  
 The big brothers.

 The happy girls.
 Learning the rules.
 Ariel took care of Eva.
 Let's jump!
 The kids all went crazy.

 Even the babies got out there!

Linds and Jax.
 Melissa is past her due date and still no sign of the baby.  I tried to get her to jump but she wouldn't listen.  
 Huge foam pit!


 My boys Nelson and Noah.
 Pizza and cake time!

 2 cakes!

 Mika was not happy Eli was trying to take her cake.
 So he got his own.

 More of my boys, Todd and Chad.
 Wind tunnel time!

 The girls and their friends had a great time!

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