Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Nice Train Table

Amy and the twins have been going to a mommy and me class at the synagogue for a few months.  I finally poked my head into a class.  It's actually the same room that Aden is in for Hebrew school.  I showed him these pictures and he immediately recognized the train table.  And boy did those babies love that train table.
 The twins and Nate.

 Such a great table.  The tracks are built in so they can't make a mess!
 I visited Gwen and Melissa's friend Lauren was there.
 Look at those cheeks and how intensely she's looking.

Just a random moment with Ariel and Chloe.

There new thing is to play on the chair.  

 And why don't they make locks for dish washers?
 My friend went on a tour of the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky.  So jealous.  They are bottling Blanton's here.  One of my favorites.

 Chillin' at Dave and Busters.

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