Friday, December 23, 2016

The Twins Aren't the Babies Anymore

It's after midnight Thursday night so sadly you are getting a very short post.  We were watching the Eagles beat the Giants in the last few seconds and the finale of 15th season of Project Runway. (how did that happen?)

We took the twinss to meet baby Gwen.  
 Eli was fascinated!
 Hello there pretty girl!

 Cousin Emily wanted her baby fix.  Her twins are 12 so she gave us a lot of insight into what we can expect!
 Hope you were listening guys!
 The baby nurse helped with the twins a bit.  Gave us a break!

 The happy aunt.
 Don't get any ideas!  What are you looking at Gwen?
 Eli and his big eyes and cookie.  
 Stylin' in his new jacket.
 Bye Gwen!
 We woke up last Saturday to some snow!  The twins probably don't remember it from last year.

 Ariel had pajama day at dance school.  They let us in for one number!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your holidays!

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