Sunday, December 18, 2016

Piper or Pepper

It's Sunday night.  I went out this morning with Ariel to dance class.  It was warm and muggy.  Felt like Florida.  Not now, it's freezing!  This weather is nuts.  We had a busy weekend.  Three parties on Saturday night.  Two sets of guests over today.  And we always have the twins to keep us busy.  The Sound of Music is on in the background.  You should be happy you can't hear me singing!

Back to last Sunday.  Eli helped fold laundry.
 Ariel had a birthday party.  We actually didn't know who the girl was or how Ariel knew her!  We figured she was from school but turns out she was from camp.  I'm not even sure how we got invited.  Ariel only knew the birthday girl but had tons of fun anyway.  
 The birthday girl's mom, it turns out, was a Junior Counselor in Amy's bunk when she was a Counselor.  Small world!
 That's the birthday girl on the beam.  Ariel kept telling us her name was Pepper but it was Piper.  Turns out there is a Pepper at school.  Now we are all confused.
 These gym parties are all the same.  Lot's of running in circles.

 Silly faces!
 The girls got along great.  We will have to have a playdate.
 I'm not sure why the tent is still in our family room.  Especially when Eli lifts it up...

and flips it over!
 Watching the Eagles game.  Yeah, we all have kind of turned our back on them.
 I took Ariel to visit my grandmother while the twins were sleeping.
 She was excited to see us.

 Ariel ran around entertaining everyone.

 The 4:00 dinner rush!

 I am never taking Ariel food shopping again.  She wants everything.  Way too hard.
 Cool Aden and his even cooler new cousin.

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