Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Lucky Well

It's Thursday night.  No baby yet.  They are working on it!  I've decided it's way too cold.  I will see you all in April!  Back to last weekend.  Saturday morning.
 Dance time.

 Let's go to mall and shop!
 The Disney Store is not the place for a couple of almost 2 year olds.
 Yeah, you aren't getting out of that stroller.
 I was tempted to get this for Melissa.
 Mark took Ariel and Eva to Sesame Place.  Looks like they had fun!
 Later that day, Ariel had a birthday party at a painting place in Bensalem.  
 Deep in thought.
 She started off strongly but she really doesn't have a long attention span.

 She wanted to follow the directions but I needed help her out from time to time.

 The favors were cute.

 She started taking more frequent and longer breaks.  
 Almost done.
 She did a great job!

 I think they are too young for an all girls party but what can you do?
 My not so baby babies.
 That night we met Jason and Heather for dinner at the Lucky Well in Ambler.
 Great live music, great barbecue and even greater friends!  Have a great weekend!

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