Thursday, December 1, 2016

Barbie Dream House

It's Thursday night.  Something very exciting is brewing tonight. Hopefully we will have news to share soon!  I have a feeling it's going to be a long night!  

Back to last Friday.  The cleaning woman came so we had to get out of there!  Eli wanted to help but that's not the kind of help she needed!
 Our cool kids grooving in the car.

 A quick lunch at Corner Bakery.

 Then off to Sears to buy a washer and dryer.
 Bringing the twins was not the best idea but we did get a set.
 We got home to find Ariel's present from her aunt's.  A giant Barbie dollhouse.  Can you tell she was a bit excited?

 The boys enjoyed having everyone home.

 Let me in!
 Saturday morning, Eli was getting into trouble. 

 Time to put together the Barbie house.
 A quick coloring break.
 This is an amazing sight.

 The house is finished and who loves it?  The twins!  They actually play really nicely with it!
 Eli loves to pretend he's blowing his hair.
 Ariel wanted to try out her new bike.

 The boys wanted to clean the neighborhood again.

 Out back to play.

 More doll house fun.

 Swimming pool!
 Ok boys, we need to sleep.  Ariel's birthday party is tomorrow!  Everyone have a great weekend.  

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