Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Range Anxiety

It's way too late Wednesday night for me to be working on this.  I went to a brotherhood dinner tonight at synagogue.  They had a funny comedian who is actually a rabbi.  

Some random pics from last week.  Eli found a new toy.
 Since it's cold out we are spending more time in the basement.  

 I have a camera looking out in the front of the shore house.  Sears came to deliver the new washer and dryer.  
 Ariel has been learning her address.

Back to the basement.

 What we do to keep them busy.
 New sewing machine?

 Everyone in the trampoline.
 It's time for school.  The twins love to put their shoes on.
 Amy and I took a quick ride to the shore.  We checked her parent's house.
 And my parent's house.
 Then our house.  The boys got right to work.  
 I have a feeling we will be doing a lot fo sweeping at this place.

 We met our friend Remy for lunch.
 She had fun with the boys.

 I would have liked to have had some more time at the Tesla Supercharger but the wife and babies were anxious to get going.  You need about 20 minutes for an 80% charge but they gave me about 5.

 Needless to say we barely made it home.  That was a little scary.  Will have to plan better next time.

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