Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Edible Menorah

It's Wednesday night and we just got back from a fabulous night at the ballet with Bev.  We got to go backstage at the Academy of Music and meet the dancers and play around with the sets, so cool!  More on that later.  It's super late and I still have to take the trash out so here we go.

Aden had to make an edible Hanukkah menorah for Hebrew School.  We worked on it the night before it was due.  Blue and white covered brownies.

 The next morning, the twins watched the lawn people.
 While we finished up the project.  Pretzel sticks, marshmallows and candy corn for the candles.
Pretty cool!
 Uh oh!
 I took Aden to school that night and saw what some of the other kids made.

 After school, there was a Hanukkah Hop.  Amy chaperoned and here are her pics.  Yes, this was the second night out of 3 that she left me for the night with the kids!

Aden took a while ot warm up, then he was a dancing fool!
Nice group they got.

While Aden and mommy were out, Ariel helped me with the boys.  
 We watched some football.  Touchdown!
 Aden came back excited.
Amy took these at some point.  

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