Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Ariel in the Closet

Last Wednesday, it was warm when we got up!
We drove Eli to Voorhees, NJ, about an hour away, for some testing.  
An EEG to see what's going on in that little head.  He did really well. Don’t be worried. Just trying to look into his behavior. 
By accident, we ran into the Camp Saginaw offices so we stopped in.  
They knew who we were.  We got to meet Lucy, the owner's dog.  Ariel was jealous when she found out.  She played with Lucy all last summer.  
We found a great bakery.  They had cupcakes that looked like hamburgers.  Eli was so confused.  He kept asking if the buns were real bread.  
Wow, it got warm!
I was looking for Ariel and saw a light from her closet.  I opened it and saw this!  Not quite sure what to make of it.  
Reading with grandmom.  
It was too nice to stay inside.  

Spring come faster!
We got some new Monopoly games.  
Always Uno before bed.  


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