Sunday, March 20, 2022

Basketball Championships

It's Sunday night.  Amy had a girl's night.  I fed the kids and got them to bed!  Other than that, it was a pretty quiet weekend.  

Last Saturday morning, Aden had his championship basketball game.  The kids on the other team were huge.  Their coach is also the guy that runs the league.  Coincidental?  I'm not so sure.  
The introduced the players.  There is Aden running in.  
Well, not many highlights.  We are blown out.  Aden, who did not have a basket all season, hit a swish from the corner!  Of course I missed filming it.  He was very excited though.  
Great season boys!  

We are number 2!

It had been snowing while we were in there!

I drove Ariel to Harper's house.  A girl from Baltimore that was in Ariel's camp bunk was in visiting.  Emily also came over.  
Ariel, Emily and Harper before Royce got there.  

Royce made it!  From Baltimore.  In a blizzard!
It was an awful day.  

Allison came to sit and helped the boys make their leprechaun trap.  
We met Sarah and Rich at Nico's for dinner.  We had a great time.  
After dinner, we went to get Ariel.  She did not want to leave!  


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