Monday, March 28, 2022

Cheer Dad

It's a cold and snowy Monday night.  It's really not supposed to be cold and snowy a few days from April.  It's enough already.  Last Sunday, Aden had flag practice at 8:30 am and a game at 9:30.  

I don't have too many action shots.  Aden gets so mad if he sees me taking a picture or video.  

So far, he's not really having much fun.  They aren't letting him be quarterback.  
The boys were back at Playstation.  
Ariel had cheer practice after Hebrew.  The girls took a picture with their medals from Reading.

Ariel has been wrestling with the boys.  

Later that day, Ariel had a private.  Her two  coaches were there and used Ariel to work on their dance routine.  

Cheer dad!
Ariel's legs are all over the place doing back handsprings.  
So Serina tied them together and it worked.  
She gets scared jumping back sometime.  

Serina went up in the air.  Wow he's strong.  
A little more playstation.  
Pretty clouds outside.  


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