Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Rachel Is Back

Last Thursday was a busy day.  Of course, the kids wanted to ride the quad after school.  

Then Rachel came for cheer.  Yes, Rachel!  She was back for Spring Break.  
She's much more serious than her sister Dani.  
Ariel was thrilled to have her back.

Always fierce with those faces.  

Eli's turn.

Time for stunting.  Dani can't do this because she had shoulder surgery.  Rachel is so strong.  

Such good form for both of them.  
Then it was round 2 of the playoffs.  Again, it was a very exciting game.  
We were down and had to come back.

Ariel came with me and of course she was in her Baby Yoda PJ's and blanket.  
Amazing last second win boys!  Off to the championship game!


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