Thursday, March 10, 2022

Disney Day 5 - The End

It's Thursday night and Aden's basketball team won their second come from behind last minute win in the playoffs.  So exciting.  There are heading for the finals!  Last Wednesday was our last day at Disney.  I got up early and went to the front desk to ask about checking out.  I let everyone else sleep in.  
We played with the droids before breakfast.  
We took the monorail to the Polynesian.  
We haven't been here in about 8 years.  
The lobby was very different.  
My girl loves to pose.  
Our favorite meal at Disney.  Breakfast at Ohana.  They have a special juice you can only get here.  Aden couldn't stop drinking it.  
You can see our hotel to the left and Cinderella's Castle straight ahead.  
They serve the food buffet style.  
We pigged out.  
Then took some fun pics.  

Noah wrote about going on the Slinky Dog ride.  
I must try and make this juice.  It's passion fruit, orange and guava.  They call it pog juice!
Back to the hotel to finish packing.  We had a 1:00 checkout but our flight wasn't until 9:30 so we had to put the stuff in storage.  
We sent 18 bags to be held.  18!
We took an Uber to the Disney mini golf course.  
We had a 1/2 hour wait.  I guess no Genie plus here.  
It was a fun course but we got tired about half way through.  

These buckets squirted water randomly. 

Eli did not want to get squirted.  
We went back to the hotel and met everyone at the pool.  
They all went to the Magic Kingdom early but bailed pretty quickly.  
The kids had a lot of fun in the pool.  

Drink up girls!
Lots of fun foods to eat.  
The kids met another gang of kids and had a really funny interaction.  

Me and the guys.  
That's it folks!  Around 7:00 we were picked up.  Goodbye Disney.  Goodbye Grand Floridian.  
Thankfully, it was a quiet and quick ride home.  
We got off the plane at 11:45 pm.  

We got the bags pretty quickly and were home by 12:30.  The kids went to bed quickly but Amy and I couldn't fall asleep till after 1.  It was an intense 5 days but we really had the best time!  Have a great weekend!


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