Thursday, March 31, 2022

Big Balls!

It's Thursday night and some t-storms are rumbling through.  Ariel got her back handspring today!  And in front of Fionna.  Another week has gone by.  Have to go straighten the house for the cleaning lady! 

Last Friday marked the return on bingo at Holland Elementary.  I took Ariel to cheer then met Amy and the boys.  

Even Aden made an appearance.  
It was packed!

The twins were really into it.  They should really just stick to regular bingo.  Sometimes they get a little fancy and do something like make an H out of the squares.  That takes forever and people get confused.  

Madi was there selling snacks.  She hasn't sat for us for a long time.  
What's this?
Amy won!
The prize were huge balls.  
I ran to go get Ariel.  
She couldn't believe the turnout.  
She found her friends.  
Then she did tumbling outside.  

Monkey in the middle!
Have a great weekend!


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