Tuesday, March 15, 2022


It's Tuesday night.  Aden is back to flag football and the neighbors are back to hanging outside till way after dark.  Spring is here!  Last Monday, I got a cool box in the mail.  
Tesla is going to make an Quad to go with Cybertruck sometime in the future.  In the meantime, they made a limited edition Cyberquad for kids.  I was able to snag one!
It came mostly assembled but needed some work.
Aden and I figured it out.  
Here we go!
It's up to 150 pounds so I can use it!

Last Tuesday, Noah woke up with a runny nose and really bad aim.  
There's the Cyberquad in comparison to my car.  
Aden was the first one to take it out.  
It goes pretty fast!
That night, Aden had a playoff basketball game.  
It was actually very exciting.  It went back and forth and it was a very physical game.  
We had a dramatic come from behind win!
Book time for the twins.  
Last Wednesday, it was miserable out.  

That night, Ariel had a private cheer lesson, but I could only watch through the window.  She got her front walkover and was able to ring the bell!


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