Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Crystal Slipper

It’s Tuesday night and I’m super tired. I will explain why later with pictures!  Last Monday, I saw this picture of Lucy the Elephant from the 1940's before she was moved a few blocks to her current location.  
She's not quite a devil yet, but we can see it coming a little.  
Organizing her room and especially her clothes is a never ending task with Ariel.  
We played outside a little even though it was cold.  

Aden hung out with the boys from the street.  
Not sure what Ariel is doing here.  
Last Tuesday, I had guitar and Noah had piano.  I'm still really only learning Grateful Dead songs.  I'm just not interested in anything else.  
Playing Roblox with Heather.  
Robe boy.
I proposed to Amy at Disney World.  The ring was in this crystal slipper.  Ariel got a kick out of that story.  
Another new game for the Amy and the boys to play.  They play a lot of games. 


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