Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Disney Day 4 - Fat Tuesday

Well I spoke too soon.  This is the biggest post ever!  Over 90 pictures!  Last Tuesday was Fat Tuesday!  There were people all over the parks in the colors of Mardi Gras and wearing beads.  Disney themselves do not seem to celebrate it at all.  We got another early start and headed over to Hollywood Studios.  We got another glimpse of the Skyliner.  We really wanted to try it but we didn't really have anywhere to go.  
It was packed before the official opening.  
It was kind of chilly too.  
We did a little shopping.  
Then took some pics with the droids.  

Our first ride.  

This is the entrance to Star Wars land.  It's purposely hidden.  
We saw Rey!
And Chewbacca.  
It was very much like what we had seen in Disneyland. So cool!
The marketplace.  
Never get tired of seeing this!
I am your father!
Nothing like some blue milk!
The Tower of Terror!
We saw the Beauty and the Beast show.  

Yum.  Funnel cake with ice cream.  
We then saw the Indiana Jones show.  
We had a bit of a wait for our lunch reservation.  
At the Brown Derby.
The food was actually really good.  
Ariel is starting to get over her fear of characters.  
Toy Story Land!
The line for Slinky Dog was a ridiculous 150 minutes!  We got right on.  The whole ride is 1 minute.  People are crazy to wait.  
Eli was nervous but said he would go on if we bought him a Slinky Dog after.  
It was really just a kid's roller coaster.  

It looked amazing though, with the toys everywhere.  
The whole building had so much to look at.  

Here we go!

This is half the ride.  It's stops in the middle.  

He loved it!

Amy took the twins on this next.  It was a spinning ride so Aden and I avoided it.  
Eli got his Slinky Dog!
Hey Buzz!
Here are some really cool Mardi Gras shirts.  
Next was Toy Story Mania.  I love this ride.  

I beat everyone!
Then it was time for the ride we had all been waiting for.  Star Wars, Rise of the Resistance.  We had to pay extra, over $100 to get on without waiting in line.  So much better than waiting 3 hours!  
Rey talked to us.  
Then we walked to a shuttle craft.  
We were attacked by Imperial forces while on the shuttle and brought to an Imperial Destroyer!  
I wish I had gotten a better picture of this.  It was crazy.  We were in the huge docking bay of the ship with dozens of stormtroopers around.  
This was the one bummer part.  Stuck in this hot crowded hallway for a while.  

Then we got sent into interrogation rooms.  

We were getting yelled at then the wall blew open and some good guys came to get us!
We hopped on a car and then drove fast all throughout the ship.  The ship was in a battle, which we could see through the open windows and then we were being fired upon.  It was all pretty crazy.  

Here's all 4 minutes of the ride part.

Phew!  We made it!
Our new recruits.  
Then it was time for another new ride.  Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway.  We went in knowing nothing about the ride.  
We were put in a room with a movie screen.  They played an old Mickey Mouse show.  Goofy did something and there was a big explosion, which put a big hole in the screen!  We all walked through the hole and that's where the ride was!
Aden was occasionally nice to the others.  
This ride was actually very similar to the Star Wars one we just did.  Obviously the aesthetics were different but the ride mechanics were the same.
This did look really cool though.  
There we are!

Then we did the Frozen sing along with the twins.  Ariel and Aden bailed.  It was really cute and funny.  

We then had dinner at Docking Bay 7 in Star Wars Land.  
Yummy ribs.  
The place was really cool.  
Star Wars at night.  
Then Ariel and the twins built droids like Aden did at Disneyland.  
First they got parts from the conveyor belt.  Ariel and Noah did BB8s while Eli did R2D2.  
Time to build.  
Amy helped Eli.  I helped the other 2.  
Droid Activate!

Someone had 2 droids in a lit up backpack.  
It was very lovely at night.  
We had reservations at the bar but it was late and the kids were losing it so I just took a quick tour.  
It was really cool.  
The only bar at Hollywood Studios.  
The alcoholic drinks were in the $40s!
We took a fe wmore pics then headed home.  

Cool dude.  
So we were told the droids will be aware of each other and will talk to each other spontaneously which happened while we were walking back!  It also happened late at night so we had to turn them off!  We were falling asleep and they just started talking!
Eli loves his Slinky Dog.  
We ate a Disney apple before bed.  Yummy.


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