Sunday, March 13, 2022

Long Awaited Necklace

We had an exciting weekend.  Aden had a championship basketball game and Ariel had a cheer tournament.  I'm a little behind.  I will catch up with a week ago Thursday and Friday before I get to Saturday.  

A week ago Thursday, was the day after Disney.  Even though the kids went to bed well after midnight, they all went to school that day.  I was in a daze all day.  Not sure how they did at school.  After school, they played with the droids.  
Then Dani came for cheer.  

Next year, Rachel and Dani will be at Penn State.  We will have a long drive for lessons!

The droids were all talking to each other!
A week ago Friday, it was super cold!

Amy and I tried a new taco place that opened.  It was good.  
Then we picked up the necklace I had made for her with the kids names and birthstones.  She's wanted something like this for a decade!
Not sure what they are doing here.  
Amy asked me to maker a latte.  Something went wrong.  
Cheer practice that night.  I watched a little through the window.  

Last Saturday, the kids had tennis.  I think it's almost done.  
My dad took Aden to basketball.  

We met Dave for lunch.
We didn't do much else the rest of the day.  
Aden was at a movie so the twins played in his room.  Shhhh.


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