Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Disney Day 3

This just might be my biggest post ever!  Over 80 pictures!  Strap in!  Last Monday, we got up super early and took the bus to Animal Kingdom.  I think we got there before 7:30!
The Tree of Life!  
Hakuna Matata.
It was our first time at Avatar Land. It was so cool.  
It's hard to tell, but these islands are huge and were hanging in the air.  
Aden was blown away.  Kept asking about the people that design and build this stuff.  
We saw some otters.  

Then we shopped in Avatar Land.  
Of course Ariel had to get a baby.  
It was finally time for us to go on the Avatar ride.  Many people have said it was the best ride in all of Disney.  The standby wait was like 200 minutes!  We had a Lightning Lane reservation and got right on!
Some cool views as we walked in.  

Again Aden's mind was blown.  

Eli was a bit nervous.  
You sat down then a screen opened up in front of you.  
It felt like we were flying on the back of a banshee bird like thing.  It was really amazing.  
We walked over to Africa.  

For the first time, we saw the Lion King show.  It was fun.  

Back to the Tree of Life.  I love this pic.
Again, Aden was mesmerized when he saw Everest.  

The ride is closed so we didn't get to go on it.  
This was Dinosaur.  
It was scary but we all did it.  
We let the twins play at the playground for while.  

Ariel and I got churros!
Back to Africa.  
We went on the safari ride.  
I will spare you too many animal picures.  
The kids liked it.  

That was fun.  Time to head to the next park!
It was sooooo crowded.  
It wasn't as warm and the clouds were threatening.  
We took the bus back to the hotel.  It took 50 minutes.  Our Disney planner said every ride takes about 50 minutes.  That's too long.  The room was clean and we had a little surprise.  
After a short rest, we took the 2 monorails to Epcot.  Look at all the new construction.  Yes, it took 50 minutes.  
We made it!
We found out Ariel's cheer team won their competition!  We are number 1!
Mission: Space.
We did the easier version.  The original with the centrifuge makes us all sick.  

Then Test Track.  We designed cars.  

Then went for the ride.  The interior part of the ride has been totally redone.  Not sure how I felt about it.  The outside was fun but needed to be fixed.  The track was rough.  
Ariel absolutely loved it.  
Chevy was the sponsor.  
Then we headed to Soarin'.  The building was built in the 80's and was so dated.  I thought it needed to be redone.  Our Disney planner likes it.  Says it's nostalgic.  
Soarin' is always great.  

Look at all the other people.  Such a cool view.  

Then we walked to the countries.  England first.  
It rained for a few minutes but nothing too bad.  
Then France.  
So pretty!
This was the other big new ride.  Remy's Ratatouille.  
It was a 2-3 hour wait but we walked right on.  
Such a cool ride.  

A Vespa out front!
The ball is all lit up!
We went to Italy for dinner.  
We met up with both the families we were with.  It's amazing we were able to work out a dinner for 14 at a big Disney restaurant.  
Lasagne anyone?  
I never liked the show at Epcot but they recently redid it.  The new show was amazing!

It was chilly!  We were shivering!

Instead of walking back to the monorail at the front of the park, we walked out of the back of the park where the boardwalk area is.  
We went to the Beach Club and took an Uber back to the hotel.  


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