Monday, March 21, 2022

Reading Cheer Competition

It's Monday night.  Ariel just had her end of the season party for the Indians.  After Nationals in December, Coach Lynde was going to sign them up for more competitions but everyone got Covid in January so she gave up.  Oh well.  It was great to see everyone but it was sad it's over for now.  Speaking of cheer, last Sunday, Ariel had a competition with her Airborne team in Reading, about an hour and a half west of here.  

Early morning, I got a lesson on high ponys and I did her hair!
Long drive.
We were just heading into the mountains.  Still snow everywhere.  
We made it to Reading.  It looked pretty from here but close up I wasn't so sure.  
One of Ariel's coaches has some crazy hair.  
The girls all gathered at 11.  
Cute pic!

Time for some group photos.  

They did their warmups in the concourse.  

Then they were off!
We got our seats.  
Here they go!  I still can't post videos.  I will soon though.  

That's Ariel up on the right.  

Love that face!
So they did great until the pyramid.  One of the flyers went to the wrong stunt group so 2 girls were there to fly and everyone got confused for a moment.  This happened to Ariel at Nationals when the girl in front of her was in the wrong place so it through her off and she thought she ruined it for everyone.  She was off count here because the girl wasn't in front of her like she was supposed to be so again Ariel thought it was her fault.  Neither time was it her fault.  She did the best she could under the circumstances.  The all did finish really strong though.  Coach Serina gave a nice pep talk to all the girls.  

Nothing like Crabfries to cheer everyone up.  

So this was a cute tradition.  The teams make clips with inspirational messages and clip them to random peoples backpacks as they walk by.  These were out on Ariel's bag.  
Ariel and Sophia walked around a clipped a few people.  
The Airborne coaches waiting for judging.  
There's Serina getting the award for our girls.  
We did pretty well.  Just a deduction for the pyramid mishap.  
Ready to drive home!  Great job Ariel!


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