Wednesday, June 22, 2022

A Movie in Ventnor

It's Wednesday night.  The twins had a birthday party at Funzilla.  That place used to be more exciting.  Time to update.  Back to last Wednesday.  I started to set up me new liquor shelf.  I don't want to fill it up until I can attach it to the wall.  It will be nice to have all my bottles in one place.  
Amy finished packing up Ariel for camp.  
I said this last last year and I will say it again.  How does someone so small need so much stuff?
The kids played while we loaded the car.  We then headed to Margate.  
We got there pretty quickly.  This was waiting for us.  I've been wanting to make a photo wall at the shore house for years.  
I made dinner.  
Then we headed out for waffles and ice cream.  
We went to Two Cents Plain instead of the Dairy Bar for change.  
Oh yeah.

Playground time.  

I got some nice shots of Ariel.

Ariel helped me with my photo wall.  We used a laser level.  
It came out great!  I picked fun pics from every year we were at the house.  I'm going to add to it.  
Thursday morning I went for a run.  Then we walked over the Steve & Cookies Farmer's Market.
Julia and the girls met us.  
Look at that sky!
We got some fun foods.  
Then we walked to my parents to check out the new pinball machine.  
Juliet hung with us.  

Then Juliet and Ariel walked off by themselves!
I took the twins to play golf.  

Still scared of the gorilla behind the fence.  

The boys can get through this course in 5 minutes.  
Then we went to swim.  

Amy and I went to the movies and Ariel went to the beach with Juliet.  
We saw Top Gun at the new theater in Ventnor!  It was fun!
Late that night, Jaime and Jared came over to go in the tub.  
Then even later, I went to meet Julia and Stephanie at Tomatoes.  There was flooding on my walk.  
We had a few drinks and closed the place down!


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