Sunday, June 5, 2022

Wonderful Beach Day

It's Sunday night.  What a beautiful weekend.  I'm going to blow through this, I'm so tired.

Last Saturday, the twins got up early and went to play with Steven next door.  Last year Steven had the Siren Head dolls, now he has the Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy scary dolls.  
Eli was thrilled, us, not so much.  
Our doughnut place Juniors is not opening this summer!  Eli and I are devastated.  We had to go to Aversas.  
Packing for the beach.
So much stuff but so easy to push.  
The twins were really tough on the beach their whole lives.  Because we didn't know what to expect, we brought Kylie to help out.  Just to give a quick preview, all the kid were great!
I guess Ariel was excited to be back on the beach.  

It was an absolutely beautiful day.  Maybe the nicest Memorial Day Weekend day that I can ever remember.  Actually a little too nice and sunny.  I should have left my shirt on.  I got so sunburned!

Kylie was great with the kids.  Will miss her when she going to camp and college.  

There was a sandbar the twins wanted to walk to.  Kylee and I did not help.  The water was painfully cold.  

We ordered lunch to the beach.  

Kylie's friends even stopped by to help with the kids.  

Ariel always finds friends.  There's Ashley!

You can see I had lotion on.  Didn't help.  
The twins had so much fun.  

Then it was time to let Kylie join her friends.
Till next time!
It's hard to tell from this picture, but the beach a couple of blocks over was completely packed with teens.  
Crazy sky.  
Over to the pool.  Everyone's favorite place to be.  My parent's porch.  
Eli ran back and forth through the house.  
Margot came to sit.  

We went with Bill and Lori to Memories.  
It's their 50th year!
It was fun!
There's Jerry Balvat!

We got a little buzzed.  

I was stylin' in my new pink shoes.  


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