Sunday, June 19, 2022

All About Kansas

Last Wednesday was an exciting day.  We went to school for Ariel's state project.  We couldn't wait to learn all about Kansas!
The place was packed, hot and loud with every kid talking at the same time.  

I tried to listen to a few.  It was too hard.  

Amy got her the Kansas shirt with the sunflower, the state flower.

Then we got the twins and headed home.  
It was their last baseball game of the season.  Go Fire Frogs!

The boys did well.  They got some hits and played well in the field.  

The moment before you do a back handspring.  
Always nice to have help with handstands.  
Smoke that ball Noah!

Medal time!
Our champions!  Good season boys!
Of course we went to Rita's to celebrate.  

I think it's back to soccer in the fall.


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