Monday, June 13, 2022

Round Off Back Handspring

Last Sunday, the kids woke up to some goodies we brought back from the bat mitzvah.  Chocolate covered strawberries for Ariel.  
Cookies for Eli.  
Giulz came to spend the day.  

We went to Amy's parents to swim.  Ariel made me bring all the cheer mats.  
The pool was nice.  
Such a beautiful day.  

I even brought this thing!

TikTok time.  
Burgers and shakes.  
Rachel came by for a cheer session for Ariel and Giulz.  
Stretching is important!
Eli was the first to fly.
Then Noah.
1 2 Cradle!
Then it was time to get serious.
I said serious.  
We had big firsts this day.  Ariel got her double back handspring.

Then she got her roundoff back handspring and her back walkover back handspring.  

The neighbor gave the boys bubbles.  
We dragged everything home.  
The neighbors were all up at the school.  

Noah will be the first to ride a bike after Aden at this rate.  
It was a nice night to hang out.  


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