Thursday, June 2, 2022

Amy's Birthday!

It's Thursday night.  Took the younger 3 to the high school for a STEM night.  That was fun.  Aden met friends at the gym to work out.  That's new.  

Last Thursday was Amy's birthday!!!   I met her for a nice lunch at Toscana 52.  I think she had a really nice day.  We tried!
That night, I tried out my new smoker.  Eli helped me get it ready.  
Seasoned up some wings.  
It's nice to do your homework outside.  
Here they go!  It's nice having so much space.  I used to have to squeeze them on.  
It has a window!

Noah got a 4++ out of 4 on this assignment!
The wings are done and super yummy.  

Birthday cakes!
We sang happy birthday!

And ate lots of cake!

A new tennis game.  
Friday morning, Aden snuggles with me before school.  
That night we were going to head to Margate at some point.  I checked the traffic around 3:30 and it was 3 hours to get there the normal way that takes us 1:40 during off peak times.  
Dani and Rachel came for cheer.  
She's getting more flexible!

She one lucky girl to get so much attention from the big girls.  

Stunting time.  

We left around 7:30.  It wasn't too bad.  Took under 2 hours the regular way.  
The WaWa was packed with kids!
It was after 9 when we got there but Amy actually suggested we go to the Dairy Bar.  

A nice treat to start the summer season.  

Eli had a chat with Chris the owner.  
I ran into a cousin I haven't seen in years.  
Ariel read to the boys before bed.  
Have a great weekend!


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