Sunday, June 12, 2022

Pork Belly Burnt Ends

It's Sunday night and wow the Tony Awards are boring.  I smoked ribs tonight for the first time and I have to say they came out amazing.  I still smell them on my hands!  It was a busy weekend at home and not at the shore.  Back to last Saturday when we also had a busy weekend and didn't go to the shore.  

Ariel was still at Emily's.
Heather came over early so Amy and I could go to Jordana's Bat Mitzvah at Shir Ami.  
It was a very nice and quick service.  
Then we had baseball.  
The boys did well.  
Noah's hand got hit by the pitch here.  He collapsed on the ground screaming.  I had to carry him off.  
He cried for while then snapped out of it and went back.  The other kids thought he was nuts.  We are starting to think he feels pain differently than us.  
Amy found a puppy.  

I smoked pork belly all day.  
I was making pork belly burnt ends.  First I spiced them and smoked them for a long time.  Then I put them in a container with butter, brown sugar and honey for a few more hours.  
Ariel swam next door.  

Then she wished Coach Serina good luck with her foot surgery.

The twins made me bring out the big slide.  

Ariel didn't go to bed until 3am at Emily's house so she was out of it the rest of the weekend.  
Here they are finished.  
Aden and Ariel ate most of them.  Ariel is begging for me to make them again before she leaves for camp.  
Then we had Jordana's party at the Washington Crossing Inn.  It was a gorgeous night.  We had the cocktail hour outside.  
Amy with Dori, Marla and Felice.  

Then we walked around to the party room.

Let's go!
Felice and Howard being introduced.  
The kids.  
They got Howard up in the chair!
My beautiful date and I.  

We had fun!
Jordana looked like a princess!
Mister Softee truck!

Thanks for a fun night guys!


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