Tuesday, June 28, 2022

First Day of Camp

It's Tuesday night.  We are still waiting for pictures of Ariel from today.  It was a beautiful day, hopefully she had fun.  The boys did well at their camp.

Last Monday was the first day of camp for the 3 boys.  Back to Southampton Summer Day Camp.  Aden is a second year CIT.  They were excited to go.  
This is the first time my kids are taking a school bus anywhere.  
Have fun boys!

Then I took Ariel to cheer camp.  
Coach Serina was back from her foot surgery.  For some reason Ariel was nervous about going back to Airborne but she loved it.  
The boy's came posts pictures all day long.  Here they are having lunch.  
That night, Ariel helped me cook.  

Then we built some shelves.  

Good job guys.  
On Tuesday, Mark and Melissa came to say goodbye to Ariel.  
I made a smoked rotisserie chicken.  

We had piano and guitar.  
The kids played while I cooked.  

I also smoked some shrimp.  It was all yummy.  
Ariel is going to miss Honey the most!


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