Monday, June 6, 2022

Back to Ocean City

It's Monday night.  What a beautiful day.  Aden went to Dorney Park with school.  I still don't know if he had fun.  He's a man of few words.  

Last Sunday, we had brunch at our house.  My mom brought the bagels and lox.  I made pancakes and bacon.  

Toying with the idea of making the deck bigger.  
We were also celebrating Amy's birthday with a special cake from NYC.  
Even Mickey was there.  
A jumble of limbs.  
The happy birthday girl.
The cake was yummy.  
Amy had a nice day to herself.  I took the twins to Ocean City.  I have almost never seen it so packed.  I almost gave up trying to find parking.  But I ended up being lucky and finding a spot.  

They were excited to be back.
First was mini golf.  

They were a little scared in the dark areas.  

Of course we had Johnson's Popcorn and Mack and Manco's Pizza.  
I wait all winter for this.  
Then some rides.  
Just a few, I was getting hot and tired.

There were Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy dolls everywhere.  Eli wanted them so bad.  
Back to drop the boys off at the pool.  I then went to Casels to get stuff for dinner.  They don't have plastic bags anymore.  It was so hard getting everything back!
No one went in the tub the whole weekend!

Abby and Amanda came over.  I cooked a pretty big dinner and took no pictures of it.  Chicken, burgers, dogs and veggies.  
The boys next door were playing quarters.  

Jax and Honey played.  

Relaxing night.  After the dinner of course.  

It had been another beautiful day.  
Good night!


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