Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Perfect Rack of Ribs

It's late Monday night and I'm ready to pass out.  I just put together an Ikea shelving unit.  That is torture!  Last Sunday, we went to the open house at Southampton Summer Day Camp.  It was a blah day so it wasn't too bad we missed the shore.  It was nice to see camp again. 
We met the twin's counselor.  
Of course I looked for one of Amy's old plaques.  
The boys were excited to start.  
I had never smoked ribs before.  It was time!  I put on 4 racks.  The red one had a different dry rub than the others.  
We had lunch at Ben and Irvs then headed to the Willow Grove Mall.  
Ariel made herself right at home at Bloomingdales.  

You can't escape Huggy Wuggy.  
The ribs were on for about 4 hours.  
The twins only get to use the Playstation 5 on the weekends.  
I threw some wings in with the ribs.  
Great art Noah!
I then wrapped the ribs for a another couple of hours.  That allowed them to get soft.  

Go Honey!

The wings were done first and were good.  
Ribs are done!

Nice pink smoke ring.  
They were a hit!  All 4 racks were gone pretty quickly.  

I'm going to bed.  


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